Holy, Matrimony!


My brother & I

The groom 😉

Mom & I



Ben :D

Ben 😀



Cousin Jolene

Cousin Jolene


brother-in-laws :D Damien(left) & Justin(right)

brother-in-laws 😀 Damien(left) & Justin(right)


Random Shot




The rest of the photos will be uploaded to facebook as soon as I get my hands on them! 
Probably next week.  😉

Pretty spaced out right now, you know how sleep-deprived people are. 


Updates tomorrow!



I was just looking through my brother and corrine’s wedding photos, and they…are…just…beautiful.
and so will tomorrow be. 😀










It does seem that way,doesn’t it?


Sun-kissed Weekend, or more

My brother is getting married tomorrow, and I am somewhat sunburnt.
No, ‘sun-kissed’ is the word. Hur.
Anyways… Sentosa with envoys yesterday was great!
So much for wet-weather plans… The weather was incredible. Didn’t rain, skies were clear, sun was shining brightly, and later on it even got cooler without (yes, you guessed it) the rain.
There was volleyball, soccer, frisbee, walking and jumping about in the sun-schorched sand, food, more food, a HAMMOCK(GONNA GET ME ONE OF THOSE SOMETIME! FRIGGIN AWESOME!), new friends, captain’s ball,et cetera. Everything except touch rugby, and I wonder why we even brought the ball. 

Then it was dinner @ the rooftop balcony of vivocity.
I chose long john silver’s over carl’s junior because… You know… It would take me an eternity plus five decades to finish burgers. Especially if it’s from carl’s junior, and ‘junior’ in this context, I assure you, is an understatement. At least for me.

Oh… and guess who takes a longer time than me,to finish his food? 😉

Once dinner was done, we played drinking games. The usual, and as usual- it was fun. Never gets old, those two games! Haha. Yeah… It was an awesome finish to an awesome day, until I had to pee. Couldn’t hold it in any longer by the time the train pulled into serangoon so I rushed, almost as if my life was on the line, to the nearest loo. The world was a much better place to live in after that!

The last I checked, 591 shots in my camera from yesterday.
Gonna need to do QC, and process them before uploading on fb.
So give me til’ Monday or Tuesday and it should all be up by then!

Busy weekend.
Bro’s getting married tomorrow.
BBQ on Sunday.
Preparation work for the party on 17
th april on Monday(calling up guests).
Consolidating 20 best photos to burn into a cd for a photography exhibition in May, to be done and submitted by the end of the week.

That’s about all I can think of without looking at my ipod calender!

lovin’ my new guitar 😀









It was always at the back of my head, but when art pointed out that we, the current exco, will soon join the ranks of SEXCO, it does seem like just yesterday that we were, although in a different form, once here. 
the good ol’ days, indeed.


so for those of you who don’t already know, or rather, I have yet to share with…

I flagged a cab one bus stop after KAP(King Albert’s Park) and this uncle, he was awesome!
He’s about my dad’s age, I think. But the point is… We struck up a conversation, and the ride home concluded with him giving his packet of coffee(yet to be consumed) to me!  He insisted, and told me he already had one just before he’d started his shift. 

It was almost midnight and his shift had just begun, and by the time I got home the fare had already taken the midnight surcharge hike, but he charged me only $12 instead of the actual $13.20.

to you that probably isn’t that big a deal, and really, it isn’t.
but the point is, the whole time I felt like as we conversed I was, in some way, being a blessing to him- and I pray that I was, and that God’s joy will see him through his shift!

The week has been, for lack of a better word- WOOOOOH!
seriously,though- I’ve learnt a lot, and that’s not even doing justice to what I’m really trying to say but all you who know me better should understand! Yesterday’s word from Pastor Kong @ CHC was a superb touch-down at the try-line(touch rugby lingo) and Esther’s 21
st birthday @ NTU’s Media, Design & Arts School… that was good,too!

Great architecture, btw!

God has been giving me some really,really cool revelations- continue to pray with me that as I pray about them, my heart will be sensitive to His direction and my spirit will be obedient to His calling!


I’m hoping to finish 2 books in the next 2 weeks!
1. A Heart Ablaze – John Bevere
2. Leadership Excellence – Phil Pringle

Powerful men of God, these two!
I trust that both books will prove to be great reads.

Checkin’ out!
(On the verge of K.O)


” we’re blessed beyond the curse, for his promise will endure.”



…so help me God.

Read it and weep.

Little Girl @ SBG

This concept is actually adapted from someone else’s blog- I found it interesting (gifford, O’ gifford- seriously? Enough with ‘Interesting’ already, that’s only when you’re lazy to find something more apt to describe what you really think). But on with what this post is really about… Everything, anything, and perhaps, left to your own discretion- nothing at all.



…and here it goes.




Music. Brook Fraser. Acoustic guitar. Jazz. CHC. Drama Production. Photography. Theatre work. Deviant Art. Singing. Envoys. Writing a new song. Laselle.  Grades. CMA. Photo Exhibition. Party. Ralph Lauren. Matching Tie. Watch. Belt. Bright red ipod shuffle. Nike Running Armband. Running. Running Shoes. Books. Gym. Rainy days. Cheesecake. Teh Peng. Gourmet coffee. Ginger beer/ale. Xenia. Ben & Jerry’s. Facebook. Travelling. Rome.Meatballs.Colourful windmills. Vespa. Yearnings. Holga. Film. Sleep. Staring into space. Macbook. Razor Mouse. Left 4 Dead. Cell Group. Pasta. Poems. Evil monkey. Banana Phone. Justice. Faithfulness. Disicpline. Paint brush. Ikea.  Pubs. Blank canvas. How I Met Your Mother. Mom. The Time Traveller’s Wife. Backpack. Waterbottle. Worship. Lifestyle. Lionel. That CD shop. Polaroid. Record players. LDs. Flip Flops. Muscles. Lean mean killing machine.Huh? Delirious? Leadership. Ministry. Alien abductions. Clinging to the cross. Beach. Vision. Movies. Brother’s wedding. Zane. Touch Rugby. Clear blue skies. Indie. Final year. Shirts. Church. Sleep.Love.Writing a new song. Borders. Art. G12 Conference. Maestro. Redemption. Crumpler. Sarcasm. Rooftop party. Chill Pills. Healing. Community. Synergy. Time Capsule. Supernatural. Holland Village. Drinks. Hearty breakfast. Character. Photography. Questions. Chomp Chomp. Hope. End of this line. Spinning around on a chair. Results slip. Picnic. Thrill. Paper Shredder. Ice cream cheesecake. Controlled Chaos. Stockholm Syndrome. Radio. Sketching. Paper planes. Cranes. Revelations. Solitude.




There you go.
Whatever came to mind the past 20 minutes or so, this is it- in absolutlely no intended form(except words) and order. 





Thus endeth this…entry?

Break The Silence


This video is proudly brought to you by ong chuan lian! 😀

Something she mentioned in her description of the video on the youtube page set me thinking:

It’s not about “Where is God?”, but “Where is God’s people?”

It has been an interesting week, but more about that tomorrow.